Innovation. Convenience. Quality.

At Everest Linens, we believe the bedding truly makes the mattress. And our customers understand the appreciable difference that quality linens can make in the bedroom. That’s why we create sheets, mattress pads and other bedding products that deliver comfort, quality, innovation, and most important, a great night’s sleep…every night.

Here are just some of the exclusive and innovative features that make our products truly unique:

Patented Side Pockets

Perfect for small bedside items like remotes, cell phones or reading glasses, all Everest fitted sheets are available with patented side pockets that allow you to keep these essentials in easy reach without cluttering up the nightstand. These innovative and handy pockets offer unparalleled convenience and the ideal location for all those little items that tend to get lost in the sheets or clutter the bedside table.

Custom Fit

If you can dream of it, we can sew it. Custom-fitted sheets (or sheets that are designed specifically for the size or shape of a customer’s mattress) provide significantly greater comfort & convenience, and can noticeably contribute to a better night’s sleep. Fitted sheets and mattress pads tailored to the proper depth for your mattress, and finished with high quality full-perimeter elastic, are guaranteed to fit like a glove!

High-quality Elastics

We never skimp on the elastics we use on our products. Not only does our elastic run all the way around the entire bottom edge of our fitted sheets and most mattress pads, we use a strong, ¾ inch wide woven elastic that is sure to hold your sheet snugly in place. Most other manufacturers, by comparison, use a lightweight ¼ inch elastic, and in many cases only in the corners. The first time you slip between out sheets you are sure to appreciate the difference.

Smart Tags

Available on every sheet we make, Smart Tags simplify your life and eliminate unnecessary irritations. Smart Tags are large, tastefully designed labels that clearly display the size of your sheets in a way you’ve never seen before. On fitted sheets, Smart Tags are sewn on the corners at the foot of the sheet – where they also help you get the right corner of the sheet on the right corner of the mattress – every time. On flat sheets, Smart Tags are sewn on the hem at the foot of the sheet – making it easy to make the bed and see the size of your sheets, even when they’re folded in the linen closet!

Thanks to Smart Tags, you will always get the right sheets on the right bed on your very first try. Making the bed has never been easier!

These are just some of the common-sense, simple touches that make going to bed in Everest linens a remarkable pleasure every night.