Doing Business with Everest Linens

What is the difference between “Custom Made” and “Made To Order”?

Because Everest Linens offers a wide variety of sizes, colors, fabrics and features, most of our bedding is made at the time the order is received, hence “Made to Order”. Generally speaking, most Made to Order items can be returned if you are not happy with them for any reason (see our Return Policy for details).

Custom Made products are items made according to the customers exact – and unique – specifications. This would apply to custom shapes, sizes, or unique features as specified by the customer. Custom Made products cannot be returned or refunded except in cases of manufacturing defects (see our Return Policy for details).

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we are able to accommodate international orders. The shipping cost varies depending on the item(s) ordered. Please contact us with the product you are interested in purchasing and we will be happy to estimate the shipping cost.

Can I send you my own fabrics to have products sewn?

Yes. We call this “Customers Own Materials” (COM). Provided your fabrics are suitable for the desired product(s), simply let us know what we will be making and we will calculate the yardage needed. Most COM orders are charged at an hourly labor rate.

Where are your fabrics made?

We work with many different fabrics which are sourced from premium suppliers all over the world. Some of our fabrics are woven and finished in the USA, but many come from mills located internationally.

Where are your products made?

Unless specified otherwise, all of our products are made at our facility here in the USA.

How long does it take to fill and ship orders?

This depends on the size of the order and the availability of the fabrics. Most retail orders are sewn and shipped within 5-7 working days from the date the order is received. Larger orders, or orders that require us to purchase a special fabrics, will take longer.

When buying sheets, can I buy just the fitted sheet or top sheet separately, or do I need to buy the complete set?

You can purchase just the item(s) you want. If you don’t need a complete set, tell us what you want and that’s what we will make for you.

Can you make custom bedding?

Yes, custom bedding is our specialty! Whether we are making bedding for an odd shaped bed or mattress (such as for a boat, RV, round or extra-large mattress), or simply because the customer wants a tailored fit for their traditional mattress, the majority of our products are made-to-order. Tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll make it to your exact specifications.

Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes. We can cut, sew and ship your orders directly to your customers.

Do you offer private labeling?

Yes. Products and packaging can be shipped with our branding or yours. Please contact us to learn more about our private labeling programs.

What are your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements?

There are no MOQ’s for Retailers and eTailers, who can purchase products one unit (or order) at a time. Distributors must meet case lot MOQ’s to receive Distributor status and pricing.

Can I purchase directly from Everest Linens or do I need to purchase through a distributor?

Whichever you prefer. We sell through many leading hospitality and healthcare distributors, and we also sell factory direct.

Can I sell Everest Linens products in my store or on my website?

Yes, we sell through many fine Retailers and eTailers. Please contact us if you are interested in doing business with Everest Linens.

Everest Linens Products

I’ve heard that you use French seams to finish your fitted sheets. What is a French seam?

When you look at the inside of the corner seams on our fitted sheets, you won’t see exposed or surged fabric edges. That’s because most of our sheets are sewn with French seams – a type of sewing technique in which the raw ends of the fabric are tucked in, leaving a clean, polished, professional look. In addition to looking tidier, French seams are more durable than conventional seams as they prevent unraveling of the fabric.

I hate when my fitted sheets pop off the corner of my mattress. How well do sheets stay on the mattress?

As long as you provide us with the correct dimensions of your mattress, we guarantee that our sheets will fit great and stay on the mattress. This is because we tailor the fitted sheet to the proper depth for an idea, snug fit (typically 2-3 inches deeper than the mattress). Also, we never skimp on the elastics we use on our fitted sheets. Not only does our elastic run all the way around the entire bottom edge of the sheet, we use a strong, ¾ inch wide woven elastic that is sure to hold your sheet snugly in place. Most other manufacturers, by comparison, use a lightweight ¼ inch elastic, and in many cases only in the corners.

Will my new bedding shrink when washed?

In most cases, sheets and mattress pads will shrink the first one or two times they are laundered. We test all of our fabrics for shrinkage before placing them into production, so the expected shrinkage amount is factored in to the finished dimensions. Depending on the expected shrinkage rate for your particular bedding, you may find that they fit a little loose when you first try them on your bed. This is why we always recommending laundering before using your new sheets or mattress pad for the first time.

What is the best way to accurately measure the depth of my mattress?

We recommend using a stiff, flat object (such as a yardstick or ruler), placing it between the box spring and mattress so that it sticks out beyond the edge of the bed. Then take another similar object and place it on top of your mattress, extending out beyond the edge of the bed directly above the first item. Then measure the distance between the two items to get the proper thickness of your mattress.

If you use a featherbed or mattress topper, make sure place the flat, stiff object on top of the mattress topper to get the most accurate measurement (in other words, this added thickness needs to be included in the measurement of your mattress depth, as the fitted sheet will need to be tailored appropriately to cover both the mattress and the topper).

How do I know what size sheets or mattress pad to buy to get the best fit for my mattress?

With today’s wide variations in mattress sizes and depths, off-the-shelf “universal fit” bedding almost always proves disappointing to those who truly love their sleep. And with the growing popularity of memory foam, featherbed and other types of mattress toppers, variations in mattress depth affect how traditional mattress pads and fitted sheets actually “fit” the bed. That’s why Everest Linens tailors everything we make to our customers exact specifications.

To get the best fit, we always suggest measuring the length, width and depth of your mattress before buying new bedding (not all “queen” or “king” size mattresses are exactly the same dimensions, as variations do occur between different mattress manufacturers).

What are Convenience Pockets?

Available as an optional feature, Convenience Pockets are patented side pockets placed on one or both sides of the fitted sheet near the head of the bed. They allow you to keep cell phones, remote controls, reading glasses and other small items in arms reach without cluttering up the nightstand. By incorporating these tastefully designed and strategically placed pockets, Everest Linens offers unparalleled convenience and the ideal location for all those little items that tend to get lost in the sheets or clutter the bedside table.

One of the most frequent comments we hear when people use their Convenience Pockets for the first time is “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” The next thing they say is “I’m never buying regular sheets again!” We think you’ll agree.

What is a Smart Tag?

Smart Tags are large labels that clearly indicate the size of your sheets in a way you’ve never seen before. On fitted sheets, Smart Tags are attached at each corner at the foot of the sheet – where they also help you get the right corner of the sheet on the right corner of the mattress – every time. On flat sheets, Smart Tags are sewn on the hem at the foot of the sheet – helping you make the bed correctly and quickly, while also making it easy to see the size of your sheets, even when they’re folded in the linen closet!