As a leading supplier to the hospitality, healthcare, retail, e-tail and consumer markets, Everest Linens is relentless about improving our customers’ sleep. We understand that not all mattresses are the same, and that “universal fit” bedding often results in a sloppy fit and a poor night’s rest. That’s just one reason why people who truly appreciate a good night’s sleep insist on buying from Everest.

Here are just some of the markets we serve:

HOSPITALITY: For over 30 years the Everest Linens Hospitality Division has been supplying a full line of products, fabrics and finishes specifically engineered to meet the unique needs and specifications of the hospitality industry.

From pillows and pillow protectors, duvets, coverlets and comforters, to our wide selection of mattress pads and protectors, we offer a wide choice of products and price points that are tailored to your needs. Quick order fulfillment and low minimums make Everest the supplier of choice for hospitality buyers everywhere.

HEALTHCARE: As a leading supplier to some of the industry’s largest providers of medical supplies & solutions, Everest delivers sheeting, pillows, mattress and pillow protection, underpads and more. All of our products are made in the USA and are available in low minimum quantities.

Pamper your patients with our Home Away From Home Collection™, a luxurious and affordable alternative to traditional hospital linens. Made with fabrics engineered to meet the demands of commercial laundering, the quality and comfort of these fine linens are sure to impress patients and their family members alike.

SENIOR LIVING: Senior living operators understand the unique needs and tastes of their residents, and so do we. With today’s wide range of mattress sizes, including adjustable beds, our custom-fit sheeting and mattress pads insure a correct and comfortable fit for every bed. Our patented Convenience Pockets are ideal for remote controls, call buttons, reading glasses and other small bedside items that promote comfort and safety while in bed.

Our Home Away From Home Collection™ offers a luxurious and affordable alternative to traditional institutional linens. Made with fabrics engineered to meet the demands of commercial laundering, the quality and comfort of these fine linens are sure to impress residents and their family members alike. Available in a wide range of elegant and tasteful colors, your residents will appreciate feeling at home while away from home.

RESIDENTIAL: With today’s wide variations in mattress sizes and depths, off-the-shelf “universal fit” bedding almost always proves disappointing to those who truly love their sleep. And with the popularity of supplemental mattress toppers, variations in mattress depth affect how traditional mattress pads and fitted sheets actually “fit” the bed.

This is why Everest Linens tailors all of our bedding according to your specific needs. Custom-fitted sheets (or sheets that are designed specifically for the size or shape of your mattress) provide significantly greater comfort & convenience, and can noticeably contribute to a better night’s sleep. Fitted sheets and mattress pads tailored to the proper depth for the mattress, and finished with high quality full-perimeter elastic, are guaranteed to fit like a glove! We invite you to give our products a try for your home.

HEAVY INDUSTRY: For buyers looking to satisfy the unique needs and challenges of industrial customers, our Bunkhouse Bedding™ products are specifically designed for use in harsh working environments. Available in a wide selection of light and dark colors and comfortable yet durable fabrics, Everest Bunkhouse Bedding can be found in submarines, oil drilling platforms, freight liners, mining compounds, cargo ships and other challenging environments where practicality and comfort are at a premium. 

All Bunkhouse Bedding products can be custom tailored to fit any bed in any setting, and our patented Convenience Pockets are particularly useful in workplaces where space is limited and bedside tables are scarce. 

eTAIL & RETAIL: Traditional and online retailers alike have discovered the benefits of offering affordable, custom-fitted bedding to their customers. Whether finished and packaged under the Everest brand or private labeled according to their specifications, Everest products are ideal for mattress, furniture, specialty bedding, home furnishing and other retailers looking for a competitive advantage.

With a wide range of business models to choose from, low minimum order requirements, private label and drop shipping programs available, it is easy to do business with Everest Linens. Contact us today to learn more about becoming an Everest retailer.

HOME AWAY FROM HOME: Those who truly appreciate a good night’s sleep don’t have to sacrifice that luxury just because they leave home. No matter where you lay your head at night, Everest Linens can provide custom-fitted bedding for just about any shape or size mattress you can dream of. Our cut-n-sew experts can make bedding for boats, RV’s, camper’s, futon’s, air mattresses and just about anything else you can measure. We love a good challenge, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your biggest bedding nightmares!